A New Blog on Proseful

I’ve always had some type of blog. But I'm usually more interested in building the blog than writing. Coding is the fun part. I mess around with new CSS frameworks, try the latest static site builder, and tweak everything to the last detail. I get into it. But then I end up forgetting about the important part: actually writing.

I'm writing this on a new blogging platform called Proseful. Proseful takes the opposite approach of most blogging platforms. It's not trying to be a CMS. And it doesn't have many features or options—which is a good thing. There are no plugins to install or widgets to configure.

Proseful is focused on creating a great writing experience. It stays out of your way so you can just write.

Proseful's beautiful editor

The experience reminds me of the best parts of Medium without Medium's aggressive advertising model.

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