Since 2012, I've been focused on building LaunchPad Lab, a design and development firm in Chicago.

At LaunchPad, we've developed a culture around experimenting and learning by building side projects. Some gain traction and become real projects, others are just fun.

Here are some of the projects I've worked on.


WarRoom is an application that gives lawyers the ability to highlight and annotate depositions online. It has an active user base that includes some of the largest law firms in the country.


When we needed a way to accept ACH payments at LaunchPad, we couldn't find a solution that worked for us. So we built PayValet as a better way to accept ACH payments. We signed up large customers, including the Chicago Bulls.

We eventually closed the platform to the public, but we still use PayValet to accept payments at LaunchPad.

Clean Highlights

I love highlighting books on my Kindle, but don't like the way Amazon displays the highlights. Clean Highlights gives you a plain text file of your kindle highlights. Give it a try.

Rocket Buzzer

We don't have a receptionist at LaunchPad, so we didn't have a good way to buzz people into our office. I wanted to be able to buzz people up without ringing someone's phone all day.

Rocket Buzzer allows us to buzz people in and control our building door via Slack. We now have custom Slack commands for our door like .open and .close. It works with Twilio's excellent API. Envoy featured Rocket Buzzer on their Office Hacks Podcast.